[Market-farming] More Q's for expert large-scale Pumpkin Growers

Matt Cheselka cheselka at theriver.com
Tue Jul 6 20:00:57 EDT 2004

Question #1:

How many seeds are in a typical 15 pound pumpkin?  I ask this becuase I'm
wondering if it'd be cheaper for me to save seeds from pumpkins this year
for next year's crop instead of buying 13,000 seeds (I mean, if there are
500 seeds per pumpkin, I'd only need to buy 26 of 'em!).  Also, what is
the germination rate for pumpkin seeds?  80%?  70%?

Question #2:

I've got a report that was created in 2001 for my area saying that pumpkin
growers were getting about $102 per ton.  Is this a typical price in terms
of growing pumpkins for wholesale?  (Yes, I realize that retail will get a
higher price, but I'm not expecting to be able sell *all* of 'em that

Question #3:

Would any of you be willing to share your income/expense sheet on a
typical growing season?  I'm trying to write up a realistic proposal/plan
for the landowner on who's land I'll be growing about 2 acres of pumpkins
(and other mixed squash) next year, and some numbers from actual growers
would be nice.  My current plan is to open the patch up to the public for
the month of October 2005 and anything left I'll sell to a wholesaler.


Matt Cheselka
Cosmic Lettuce

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