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Bob, I like that scheme, and might try it myself.  Question: exactly when do you plow your sedan grass under "before it freezes"?  I like to give my winter rye a good start in the fall to develop roots, get a good start next spring, and so on.  So are you counting on Indian summer days after earliest frosts to start the rye?

BTW, a strawberry grower at the NAFEX meeting two years ago told me that sedan grass straw makes absolutely the best strawberry mulch he's ever used.  A possible additional use for just a little of that lush sedan grass?

Dave Campbell
Tiffin IA

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> > Matt I do the same thing, I prepair my 2005 pumpkin crop this year, I just 
> > disced in my rye and then reseeded with sudangrass. I let it grow to three 
> > feet tall then mow it back and allow it to grow again three feet then mow it 
> > again. I have been told sudan grass can produce 20 tons of organic matter in 
> > a 5 month season . I have seen reports of it producing 40 tons a season 
> > under ideal conditions in warmer climates. When I apply 50 pounds of 
> > nitrogen per acre it can grow 8 feet tall with a little rainfall. We plow 
> > it under before it freezes this way it generates a fumigant that kills weeds 
> > and soil diseases and leaves us time to reseed with rye...Bob. Sunny Meadow 
> > Farm, Bridgeton, NJ. 
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