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lots of insite here

ive worked in home brewed tunnels fo r years but have found them  difficult   commercial cold frames especially with 4 -6 foot side walls are the way to go excell greenhouse has a 28 X 96 for $1100 cant beat that  martin
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> Jerry- If I were in your shoes, as I'm going to do in my own shoes, 
> but in Montana this seems especially worthwhile, I'd look into a high 
> tunnel made from hardware store items. I think they are now calling 
> these 'field covers.' You can build one very reasonably and it will 
> give you much better temp control than row cover will AND you will 
> have the space to stake you tomatoes, as Chile Man suggested, when 
> they are young and not once they are loaded with tomatoes. As you 
> have noticed, it's just too late then - - the stems are 'set in their 
> ways' at that point and don't take well to lifting and tying. You can 
> make a tunnel that moves (ala Coleman) you can grow in the tunnel all 
> season (bye-bye 120 day growing season!) or you can take the tunnel 
> down and let the tomatoes stand out in the sunshine, so that picking 
> is easier.
> Does this sound fair?
> -Allan Balliett
> >I was wondering if anyone could help with some advice.  We are 

> >market gardeners in Billings, Montana with a growing season of 120 
> >days.  We grow mostly determinate tomatoes concentrating on Northern 
> >Exposure and Early Goliath.  We set transplants out under row cover 
> >which is removed in about 5 weeks as blossoms begin to set.  At this 
> >time we have very vigorous plants that set heavy fruit.  Our problem 
> >with staking is that the fruit is so heavy that the main stems 
> >break off as the fruit grow while we are trying to get the plants to 
> >stand up.  What usually happens is that the plants grow along the 
> >ground and are hard to pick and do not ripen very evenly.  I believe 
> >we need to stake earlier with a better structure than just a short 
> >bean poll.  Any suggestions.
> >Thanks
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