[Market-farming] 6' tall marigolds, no flowers... yet

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Thu Sep 11 21:21:15 EDT 2003

These marigolds are funky.  They are nice bushy plants
that are now over 5- and 6-feet tall.  But no flowers.

At night, grasshoppers like to rest on the stems.

The plants are super green and lush.  They would
make a nice, green foliage hedgegrow.  

The seedlings came from Tulsa, where a market
gardener sells African marigold seedlings for nematode

My sister swears they do not flower, yet she had dozens
of seedlings sprouting in her yard the year after she grew
these plants.  My horticulture friend in Tulsa says the
flowers are "inconspicuous." 

I'm hoping the shorter days and cooler nights will
initiate flowering.  I'd like to get some seed and use
these for hedgerows and permaculture plantings.
They could also be used as an intercrop, with plants
that like shade.

The plants seem to be very drought tolerant.  

What I really want are the tallest flowering marigolds
that exist.  On my trips to India, I've seen yellow and orange
marigolds growing along fence rows and roadsides.... about
3' and 4' high. They are naturalized, and well adapted to
droughty conditions.  

Who sells seed of the really, really tall flowering marigolds?   

Steve Diver
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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