[Market-farming] Whole grains and small scale grain production.

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Mon Oct 27 10:33:59 EST 2003

Paul there is no shortage of "very used" combines for under 10 grand many under
$5000, I guess that's why we don't see anyone taking the plunge into building
small combines in the USA. Clearly you need to be a good mechanic to keep one of
these machines going, but on a small acreage that may not be a problem. We have
many very small farms in my area that use very old fashioned horse drawn
binders, they seem to work well and the grains get to dry naturally in the
summer sun. I rarely see these for sale, families pass them down from generation
to generation, or collectors grab them up and condemn them to dust collectors in
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

"Paul A. Bock" wrote:

> Wow, so you are making roughly a dollar a bushel.  I guess where I was going
> with this question about small grain raising is that pretty much everybody I
> talk to about grain raising hires somebody with a big combine to harvest the
> grain.  Too bad there wasn't a cheap machine like the size of a riding
> lawnmower, or even similar to the old pull-behind, PTO driven harvesters
> like the Allis-Chalmers All-Crop 66 being made today.  It just makes sense
> for someone farming organic to be able to easily produce their own seed for
> cover crops and grain for food and feed.

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