[Market-farming] Re: Mizuna

Ken Bezilla kenbez at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 11:04:51 EDT 2003

Mizuna (especially the frilly variety that most folks grow in the spring and 
summer) is the least-hardy myustard variety for the fall.  There's a 
thicker, less frilly version of mizuna -- "mibuna"? -- that FedCo used to 
carry that holds up to frost better.

I've found tat soi to be the most cold hardy mustard -- the leaves are 
tougher, and since it grows closer to the ground, it's easier to cover up.

Cilantro I've usually found to be hardy to 15 degrees.  Younger cilantro 
handles the cold better than older cilantro, so here in Missouri (zone 6b, 
average first frost 10/15) we plant a batch of "older" cilantro on 9/15; we 
harvest that crop in the fall, but its larger leaves get more damage during 
the winter and we have to wait for fresh growth in the spring to harvest it 
again.  We plant a batch of "younger" cilantro 10/1, and with its smaller 
leaves, it survives winter in much better shape.

Ken Bezilla
East Wind
southern Missouri, zone 6b

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