[Market-farming] EZ up Tent

Pat Rupiper arupiper at bright.net
Thu Oct 2 05:24:39 EDT 2003

We have used ours (from Sam's Club) for 3 full years now, there is no sign of deterioration. I did use lubricant and cleaner on the legs as they were getting difficult to slide. We only market on Sat. but mid May through mid October. Two Sat. left! 
We had heavy frost here last night (6b if you can believe it!), so I pulled in all developed eggplant, pepper, and even the green tomatoes. I forgot about the beans. I hope they made it.
Where can I get Carnival Squash seed? I tried 6 types, all succumbed to the squash bugs before any real harvest. This fall the radish top/bottom will be tilled into that soil in hopes of discouraging  the proliferation of those critters. Should I buy nematodes? Any other suggestions? I do rotate crops.
Thanks, Pat
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