[Market-farming] Pre-Fab Sheds

Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Fri Nov 21 08:56:16 EST 2003

The only thing I can tell you is that shipping is the biggest problem with
the Amish. You are limited by what is local.  A buddy of mine picked up a
10x14 for $1100.  I don't know if that included shipping.  The way the
shipped it is that they built it on skids and someone hired a flat bed
wrecker truck to move it to the site.  then they just lowered the bed down
and drove off leaving the shed behind.  Think of it this way, at least you
know your shed will survive 60 MPH winds.

Paul Bock
Stone Gully

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I'm looking for an 8x10 pre-fab shed for our new market garden. I
found out right off that bat that the 'amish' sheds sold in vacant
lots are about 30percent cheaper than the poorly built units of
similar size sold at LOWES. I've heard that if I keep shopping, I'll
find a good 'barn-style' shed of the size I need for around $600. Is
this a fantasy? If not, can you share your leads?

Thanks -Allan

PS Right now I think it is best to get a pre-fab unit that can be
slid off the truck right onto the site.
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