[Market-farming] Jalapeno's

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Mon Nov 10 12:00:17 EST 2003

> I agree!  That picture is cool!  one question, why do you only dry the red
> one's?  do you find they are better dried when fully ripe?  I prefer them
> when they are green, this is why I am asking!

Only the red ones are past the point of being salable as fresh.  I am 
selling (and then picking) as many green ones as possible and allowing 
the rest to turn red.  Folks tell me that red ones have a "sweeter" 
flavor than green.  To my un-educated palate, the hot overwhelms any 
detectable flavor differences.  Green ones dry just as well as red.

My philosophy on price is that I would like to develop some demand with 
a minimal price so that price does not limit demand.  Right now, I have 
almost zero demand.  I have about $.50 worth of product and at least 
$.50 worth of labor in each bag.  $2.00 or $2.50 would be a much nicer 
price and I won't hesitate to raise the price after some demand becomes 
apparent.  I imagine that it will be a month or so before search 
engines start giving me some web page hits.

No one here reported my misspelling of "casseroles".

Just got back from town.  Both my pharmacy and auto parts store failed 
to offer me a liquid hand protectant.

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