[Market-farming] site tech help needed, kinda longish

Liz Pike liz at laughingbrookfarm.com
Fri May 30 17:56:05 EDT 2003

Today is sunny--for the first time in forever, and I'm stuck inside on this
computer arrgghhh.  Sometimes I don't know 'bout doing this website
thingy--it's swallowing my life.  Anyway...

I need help in critiquing technical matters related to marketfarming.com,
specifically an article I just published up.  I hope members won't find my
request repulsive since it technically isn't about farming, though your help
will ultimately benefit farmers everywhere, at least smaller market farmers
that is.  There's plenty of sites out there for the big boys of ag, and not
enough for us, which is why I'm doing this.  I intend to write the kind of
information I sought, and couldn't get, when I first started.

Geez, where in the world did I get the idea I could do 14 in 3 months, when
it took me 3 weeks to do just 1 !??!!??!  I wrestled with doing faster work,
and could have, but the articles wouldn't have had the "meat" I originally
intended.   By Monday, there'll be 3 new articles up, one being an excerpt
from Jeff Ishee's book, complete with his original 5 year farm plan (Thanks
Jeff!).  Eventually I will have other writers, but I can't pay writers until
I have something to show them to say, "See, this is what I want."

I also hadn't planned on doing articles out of sync with nature.  Why did I
try to do one on trellising tomatoes when local ones have just gone in the
ground???  A huge thanks goes to Rob Johnston at Johnny's for allowing me to
use their photos!!!

Ok, here's the link...but before you go there, know that this isn't
"officially" published, as in only this list knows it's up.  (I'm not
looking for grammatical type errors, though you can let me know if you see
anything amiss there--I know I'm wordy but I tried really hard to be correct
and concise ; )).  What I need more is to know how long it takes to load,
how the pics display (if they display), etc.  I'm on DSL & a fast computer
which totally throws off my estimates of loading times.  I know on my old
computer, still down on the coast which has a connection speed of
19k...horror of horrors (no wonder I moved ; )), the site takes--gulp--5
minutes!!!!!!!!!!   Many farmers are on older computers and dial-up
connections so I still must work on making the site more user friendly on
top of filling it with content. (I'm afraid I'm gonna have to "ugly" it up
to accomplish all this ; ((( )  I tried very hard to compress the graphics
so they would load asap, yet not lose too much detail. Let me know what you


Liz Pike
Laughingbrook Farm
Westfield NC

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