[Market-farming] Germination chamber?

Rose and Fred Lieberman pyrite at clarityconnect.com
Wed May 14 17:16:26 EDT 2003

I accidentally discovered the wonders of germinating seed in the dark.  

We went to Brooklyn over the Mother's Day weekend and in an effort to protect our plug trays from scorching greenhouse heat, we put our newly seeded trays in a dark place.  We returned two days later to multiple germinations!

1.    Does anyone use a germination chamber?  If so, details, please?  If not, what do you do "light-wise" to germinate seed?

2.    When I put newly seeded trays in the greenhouse, am I shooting myself in the foot by not providing darkness?  And does that have an overall affect on the strength or vitality of the maturing plant?

3.    So, unless the catalog says "light required" or "light aids germination", I should provide real darkness to the germinating seeds?


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