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No help for you regarding a self-powered tiller, but depending on what type of mower you have, there may be a tiller for it.  We have an old Cub Cadet with the rear gear box that is belt driven and love it.  Mounting the tiller and dropping the deck is a bit of a chore, at least changing the belt is easy.  Last year we left it hooked up and struggling with the Murray riding mower to take care of the lawn area.  I also think JD and possibly Simplicity have drive tiller options.  

Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market

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  Hi all,

  New to your list, enjoying the talk. Am starting a small market garden, 1 acre this year. Does anyone have any experience / comments / advice on tillers that I can pull behind my atv or mower that are self-powered? I've only found a few on the web and they have a pretty limited till depth, maybe 5.5 inches.  Elsewise, I will probably go with a troybilt for now. Thanks.

  Bob Higgins
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