[Market-farming] lettuce transplants

Penny Trinca penny-trinca at ut.nacdnet.org
Mon May 12 00:04:26 EDT 2003

Hi Guys, Our Farmers' Market started up this week. A customer asked me
something and it was so cleaver that I thought I'd write and share it
with y'all. I started several lettuce plants, basil, mustard, spinach,
bull's blood beet in square peat flats. I meant for them to be large and
beautiful for mother's day gifts. They worked out o.k., but a woman
asked me for just the individual lettuce starts so she could make her
own or plant them at her garden. Well, I'd just planted out all the
lettuce I'd started. But, I had lots of volunteer lettuces in my garden
that had sprouted up when I'd let some go to seed. I was going to till
them in or weed them out but instead I just transplanted them into pots
and I'll sell them all to her next week :)

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