[Market-farming] child labor

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Wed Jan 29 16:29:40 EST 2003

OMG, Marc... I started reading that and thought, huh?  I did read to the end
and I follow you.

OK, points well taken.  Let's not go overboard.

Is this about saving just ONE child?  Of course not.

I don't know about this nonsense in CO.  I am not aware of any child abuse
around here that is related to using children improperly as free farm labor.
However, I can tell you a few horror stories about small children getting
into pesticides and becoming very ill.  I can tell you that my neighbor's
son was killed in an accident on the farm a few years ago.  A sad, sad
situation and his parents are good people.  Hardly what you would call
negligent.  I don't know that anyone around here felt anything except sorrow
for them.

There is nothing wrong-headed about looking out for children.  Children are
completely unrepresented when it comes to the many decisions adults make for
their lives.

Perhaps you would like to join my old divorce support group and listen to
the tales of horror children live at the very hands of their parents.  With
very little recourse from a court system that thinks even negligent parents
have a right to 'visit' their kids.  I had never known of such things - well
not with the frequency I heard it in that group.

Just because people, farmers or otherwise, become parents.  It doesn't make
them responsible ones.  I am all for someone taking a good hard look at what
is going on in some homes.  Those children are the future.  I don't want to
see them go into it damaged and screwed up.

Mother Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL

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