[Market-farming] Limiting vendors at the farmers market

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Tue Jan 28 19:45:32 EST 2003

Allison Wiediger wrote:
> Our farmers' market doesn't allow anyone outside the COUNTY to sell, but
> they do allow nearly unlimited buying wholesale and re-selling.
> Talk about
> protectionism!

Ouch! That is adding insult to injury. With our recent new market that a few
of us have formed, we decided that reselling was generally not permitted
except as an incidental thing.

Could you possible start a new market in your area? On a different day?

Our new market is 14 miles from the farm and toward the major population
center in our area. We are having it Friday afternoon from around 2 to 7 pm
or around those times depending upon demand.

Has anyone tried a time like that? Was it successful?

> Some of the pinhookers at our market set up over
> 5-6 parking
> spaces - and don't farm at all. Rules?  Of course, they say the
> seller must
> grow MOST of what they sell - totally unenforceable -,

We have a very limited site, so no one can have much more than just barely
enough for one vehicle and table. We expect a maximum of 12 slots.


Rick Williams

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