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Try these:

Larry Schrock           Donald Tripp            Michael Hayes
44200 Hwy BB            721 Chippendale   13606 Monroe Rd. 1014
Middletown MO 63359     St. Louis, MO 63122     Madison, MO 65263
573-549-2231            314-965-9487            660-291-8112

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Is anyone in the Midwest planting any organic rye this year?  I will be
looking for about 30 tons between now and the end of the year.  I would also
be interested in other grains if they are organic.

This will be used to grow mushroom spawn and I refer organic.  I have one
supplier, but would be interested in one or two more.

Just completes a contract to sell 6750 KG of dried Oyster mushrooms.


Richard D. Salmons
Saline Valley Enterprises.

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