[Market-farming] Row Cover ??

van weldon woodduckfarm at ev1.net
Sun Jan 19 09:00:40 EST 2003

For my first attempt at growing mesclun greens, outside I created 15 raised
beds 40” wide x 140’ long. Each bed has two T tapes laid below 1“ of top
dressed mushroom compost from which I direct seeded 6 rows/bed with an
Earthway seeder. Every three beds, separated by a large tractor path, was
successively planted and basically represents one week of proposed
production and. FYI one bed is lettuce with the other two being greens. I
purchased 1000’ of  22’ wide row cover, ¾ ounce, with the intention of being
able to cover each section at a time. My intention was to provide hoops
about every 12’ from each to drape the RC over. Having spoken with growers
via telephone, I have learned that some growers just lay the RC directly
upon the beds, no hoops, after sowing the beds and rarely remove it prior to
harvest. The intent of this practice prevents birds from eating seeds,
buffers compost from eroding during rain storms, reduces soil splash,
creates a slightly warmer top soil temp. and provides some insect

With my first cuttings beginning last week, I ask is there a consensus about
draping RC directly onto freshly sown beds rather than laying RC over hoops?
I realize that the latter requires more work and is prone to wind.


Texas 8b

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