[Market-farming] How to package greens for sale?

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Thu Jan 16 16:00:34 EST 2003

I use the produce bags you find at the grocery store. They come in rolls
of 5000 usually. you can get them from http;//www.montepkg.com but they
are pricy. 

I start by making labels that have my farm's name and contact info as
well as the contents of the package. Than i get the bags i need and take
them off the roll, put the labels on each bag and they are ready to fill.

With salad mix after harvest it gets washed in a tub of salt water and
than run through the big orange commercial salad spinner (worth every
penny I paid for it) and put it in a towel lined plastic crate, cover
the greens with the ends of the towel and put it in the fridge for 12 to
24 hours. Sometimes I have to skip the cooling but the greens hold a lot
longer if you can cool them down completely before bagging and selling.

Than I bring in the greens to the weighing area, wash my hands (I don't
like wearing plastic food service gloves so I wash my  hands a lot).
grab a bag, open it, put in the greens (5oz for salad mix), squeeze out
most the air (leave a bit in so the greens don't look smashed) and tie
the end of the bag in a knot and I'm done
Lucy Goodman
New Paris, OH
Boulder Belt CSA
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