[Market-farming] Selling of Meat in Minnesota

Robert Farr rbfarr at erols.com
Fri Jan 3 16:06:09 EST 2003

Alex, I suggest farmers need to spend *more* time marketing, not less.

As an old boss related, "Marketing is only good works well-promoted."
And we need to promote our good works to the members of our community.

We also need to spend time providing more than just food - we need to
add value.  This can take many forms.  You can make sauces and salsas,
as I do.  You can make wreaths, as my wife does.  You can make garlic
braids, as Hugh Lovel does (Hugh also has written a wonderful book, "A
BioDynamic Farm").  You can create a farm attraction (and speak and
write books), as Joel Salatin has done.

Central to all these endeavors, though, is good marketing.  It's the
only way to stand out above the crowd - and with all that's going on
nowadays, we need to stand even higher!

We need to take a certain portion of every day and spend it marketing.
To do otherwise is to reduce income possibilities.

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