Zip House row protectors

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Fri May 24 02:42:53 EDT 2002

Has anyone had any experience using the Zip House row protection system? 
Someone showed it to me from a garden catalog he had and then I found it
listed in my copy of E & R Garden Supply catalog.  It consists of strips
of clear plastic on both sides of the row mounted on stiff curved plastic
rods spaced at 5 foot intervals.  The rods anchor the plastic to the
ground and curve towards the center of the row. A single wire or string
threaded along the top of the cover in a zigzag fashion from one side to
the other closes or opens it by being pulled or released.  It comes in
both 25' and 500' lengths.  It appears to be fairly expensive at first
glance, but if it really works, it would beat fighting wind blown
floating row covers all to pieces.

Marlin Burkholder
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