Fertilizing and tomato growth

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Sun Mar 17 13:22:18 EST 2002

>>I did tire stacks also last year, until I learned that the heavy metals in
>>the tires can leach into the soil.  Have you ever had your soil tested after
>>being in the tire stacks?  I'm curious if this leaching really does occur.

I've heard that the treads also carry a lot of toxic cadmium which is 
on the surface of the tires and does wash off with rain and watering 
and does get on the food. I guess I heard that plants would also take 
it up. A lot of cadmium in your tomatoes is not a good thing.

Sorry, I cannot give a source for this information but at the time it 
was suffecient to stop our low income (no yard, no soil) tomato 
planting project.


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