Kobuta vs John Deere tractors

Kris Chand kchand at island.net
Thu Jun 20 16:39:14 EDT 2002

 I am debating between a mid range ( 27-30 PTO hp) 4 WD tractor purchase
between Kubota and John Deere products. We are a very small certified farm
growing garlic and fresh produce for May- Oct  farmers market. Our main
use is for turning compost and transporting compost to planting beds - ie
bucket as large as can be put on this size tractor. We spread the compost
by wheelbarrows ( hard work) because we havenot located a small spreader
to fit our size of operation ( does any body know how to solve this
problem? It is really hard works manually!!).
Other uses for the tractor are cultivator and disk ( few hours a year) or
plow to turnover cover crops.
Any experience and/or info will be appreciated.
Kris Chand
Blue Heron Farm
Parksville BC

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