Replacing lawns...Ground covers?

jay gee jgj23 at
Tue Jun 11 10:52:52 EDT 2002

>I was more curious as too whether anyone has heard of a ground cover for the
>average lawn. I'm getting sick and tired of mowing, etc... after these
>showers like today it's too time consuming.

Depending on whether or not you have allergies
think about this:

Replace your lawn with wildflowers native to your
region.   If your lawn is small, the cost should not be
too great and once established, wildflowers are a
beautiful addition to any area requiring little care.

If you irrigate your lawn, the amount of water needed
by most wildflowers is only that provided by annual
rainfalls.  If you supplement it a bit, they last longer
and are more luxuriant.

A large lawn replaced with wildflowers is a beautiful site
when in bloom and looks like a lawn from afar when
not in bloom.

Let them grow without weeding, raking or mowing and
they will renew themselves annually, drawing bees,
birds and all manner of natural critters.  After a few years
you will have a strong sod.

BTW, native wildflower sods are farmed and sold
nationwide for some big $$ as I understand it.

Check with your local native plant society to find out
what is best in your area and use a variety so that
blooms are available as long as possible.  Mixing the
plants is no problem if they do not bloom simultaneously.

Jay Gee

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