Replacing lawns...Ground covers?

Sandra Deidloff ranchmaster at
Tue Jun 11 17:35:44 EDT 2002

> I was more curious as too whether anyone has heard of a ground cover for
> average lawn. <<

I, too, am thinking about a lawn replacement.  I'm with Marj on the bees,
though -- so the white dutch clover (Johnny's) is out for now.  My daughter,
Ari, would never come out of the house to work in the garden if the yard was
full of bees.........hum-m-m-m.......wonder if keeping her inside would get
her room clean. LOL    I don't know an acre from a foot, but I'd guess that
the lawn around my house is 3 acres or so (I cheated -- that's what the
previous owner said :-)      I took a disc and roto tiller to about 1/3 of
an acre in the front yard and am planting "stuff" there......strawberries
etc.  Convincing the lawn not to return has been challenging, but if (and
that's a big if) ... if I get the grass to leave my plants alone I'll plow
under another  1/2 acre or so.  It really was a temptation to spray the
whole lawn with RoundUp after the last mowing -- it takes between 6 and 8
hours depending on how fast I bounce across the yard on my mower.


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