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Plastic is a very neutral product chemically. The lime shouldn't affect it at all. But there are also commercial shade sprays that last for several months. A commercial greenhouse supply source should be able to help you find some. 

Tomatoes and peppers can take it up to about 95 F. After that, fruit set is compromised. Cucumbers can take even warmer temperatures. But they need insect pollination so you need to make sure pollinators get in there and want to stay and work.
Some kind of ventilation will be necessary for things to go well.

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>We put up a 20x96 hoop house up for growing in this year.  It does not have roll up sides, and has been okay heat wise so far, >but i know it is going to get too hot in there this summer.  We live in Vermont, so we only have a few days  5-6 of weather in >the high 80's and 90's.  My question is this:  A former worker at a greenhouse business told me they used to make up a >solution of lime and water and spray it on the outside of the plastic.  It would last until the next rain and they would re apply.  >My concerns would be the lime eating at the plastic.  Has anyone ever done this? and is  doing this lime vs. purchasing a >shade cloth a better solution.  We have talked of how we could maybe next year figure out how to do our own roll up sides.  >The sides of the hoophouse do not go straight up, they are a continuous bow.  What are your experiences, and how hot can >my tomatoes, cukes and peppers take?
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