soluble calcium

M McGuire Michael.McGuire at
Mon Jul 29 17:16:18 EDT 2002

Dear Miranda,

A good source of soluble organic calcium is milk; whey, a by-product of
cheese, is less expensive if locally available. Soluble mineral sources
available from Hummert include Cleary's Limestone-F and Gypsum-F and Growth
Products' Cal Mag Max; Peaceful Valley offers Calcium 25 and a solution
grade gypsum.

Your defense of compost tea as a premier disease suppressant is supported
by scientific literature from many countries. I would be interested to
hear how you make your compost tea and if you use any of the specialised
equipment available for this purpose.

I did not submit the post on pulverised egg shell meal and I have no
information about it.

Best regards,

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