Oriental eggplant

Alliums garlicgrower at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 22 07:45:46 EDT 2002

Hi, Folks!

The big advantage to Oriential eggplant that I've found is that you don't 
have to peel the skins -- just chop up the eggplant and add it to whatever 
you are cooking.  You might want to pick them on the small side, but I 
haven't had a bitterness problem with the varieties I've tried even when 
they are larger.

If I have too many eggplant, I dice them (with skins on) and roast in the 
oven, then bag for the freezer.  They don't mush down if they have been 
roasted, they have a *great* flavor and they are already chopped up so you 
can add them to any dish and even folks who don't like eggplant don't 
realize they are there -- most folks just think they are mushroom bits! ;-D

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