market-farming digest: July 18, 2002

Miranda Smith mirandas2 at
Fri Jul 19 04:58:09 EDT 2002


    Yes, kelp, nettle tea, and fish emulsion are fine for nutrients.
But none of them has the disease-suppressive qualities of compost tea.
If you are doing ornamentals where powdery mildew on a leaf is
unmarketable or greenhouse-grown seedless cukes that are super
susceptible to any spore that happens by, compost tea is an important
component of your management program. I'm unhappy that it seems to be
regulated out of the system.

Secondly, I'm curious what you would use as a calcium source for a
liquid nutrient solution?


Miranda Smith

Mike McGuire wrote:

Liquid kelp extract works about as well as compost tea and many brands
omni listed; fish emulsion or nettle tea are other fine
alternatives.  Humates and molasses can also be added, as well as a
of calcium if it is not abundant in your soil.

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