Hook Family guldann at
Tue Jul 16 08:12:02 EDT 2002

Ben only a guess, but I think black plastic might be too hot for garlic.
Garlic being a crop that is planted just before winter and grow wells in the
cool of the spring does not seem the type of crop black plastic is suited
for.  Black plastic is a duel purpose product heat increase or retention and
a weed barrier.  We've got some under melons for the first time and they
look great, but imagine if you tried it with lettuce :).  Beth

Does anyone use plastic mulch for garlic?  I have used straw in the past,
> pulling it off in March and then cultivating several times.  I thought
> planting on 6 inch to 8 inch squares on a 24 inch wide raised bed covered
> with black plastic.  Will I have a problem with heaving?  Last November it
> was very dry when we planted and that was the only time I have ever
> garlic.  Is there a problem with  water (t-tape) under the plastic with
> garlic?   Thanks for your advice and experiences.
> Ben in Maryland

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