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Tue Apr 23 12:06:05 EDT 2002

Premier fencing company is in Washington, Iowa.  They also sell sheep
supplies of various kinds.  We have kept deer out of our market garden
for 4 seasons (or more?) using 2 strands of Premiers electric tape.  The
higher tape is only about 4 feet high; we know deer could easily jump
it, but we think it must be a psycological barrier.  The tape is about
3/4 inches wide and white poly woven with wire.  It is very visible.  We
think they are curious and touch it and get a shock and from then on
stay away.  For racoons, we use Premier's electronet, but rabbits and
squirrels just jump through it.  Since they are not grounded when
jumping, the small animals don't get a shock.  For other ideas, contact
ATTRA for the Deer Control Options publication.

pech wrote:
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> >  I use Premier as well to keep the deer out.
>                    Whats Premier?
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