water wheel planters

Steve Barnett earthly at att.net
Fri Apr 12 09:02:59 EDT 2002

Tom, yes we have been wanting a water wheel transplanter, this year we have
one to use.  First we used it to plant potatoes.  We farm organically & the
method we used allowed to use the water wheel transplanter.  We were able to
put out 500# of potatoes in 8 hrs. with 2 people.  Walking the field
yesterday, the plants were beautiful.  We have tried it with plastic & drip,
one thing we noted is that the beds need to be tight.  We use a ridge
builder to make the bed - 4 feet wide, then use a bed shaper to form shape &
press the dirt.  It seemed to work better if the dirt is packed in a uniform
manner.  We are a few days away from planting transplants.  Today, however,
we are using the waterwheel transplanter to plant corn seed.  We missed
getting a planter at the auction and every other option has to many strings

? can we post pictures in this forum?  I have been Lurking, I think the term
used to describe persons who are reading the mail, and have not seen any.

Steve Barnett
East Texas

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Does anyone have any experiences using the water wheel type transplanters?
Good?  Bad?  No different than a mechanical type?


Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market

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