Midwest Farmers Influence in Washington

Jeffery Blake echoecho at bedford.heartland.net
Wed Sep 26 15:57:37 EDT 2001

  Doesn't make much difference who is in there, it all has to do with the Money trail, who is paying who to get accomplished what they want to get accomplished.  The past administration with the 95 farm bill trashed what was left of the small farmers. 

the 95 farm bill was, 'in-spite of the last administration.'

F2Fwas pushed through by the republican legislature over the administration.

I agree about the money thing.  Big agribusiness, commodity organizations, and the farm bureau have the money--small farmers don't.  The only thing we have is the vote.  

I used to be a republican, but became discouraged when republicans consistently voted in favor of agri-business and against small farmers. 

Democrats may not always be competent in protect the small farmer, but it is in their ideology to protect the small guy.  The republican leadership's ideology is' let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may-but-big-is-probably-better-for-all.'

everyone is entitled to their ideology.  my choice is merely that--MY choice.  I prefer to act according to my belief that the small farmer is worth saving.  For me that means voting democrat.  

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