: no poultry deliveries via air

Patrick Stine patricks at ccrtc.com
Sun Sep 23 09:31:25 EDT 2001

Hi All,
I received an order Thursday from Mcmurray and it was sent by air, I think
it is currently a hit or miss thing right now. If you go to McMurry's
website > http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/ they have information about the
issue and links to print out letters to send to your representitives in
Washington, they even give you the addresses for your reps.. Unfortunetly
PETA is also in the fray urging it's members to write in and urge the
airlines and government to stop the shipping of all live animals through the

> Subject: no poultry deliveries via air
> From: HMSTDFRMS at aol.com
> Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 19:18:50 EDT
> X-Message-Number: 34
> For those of you who are involved in a pastured poultry business and
> receive your day old chicks via the US postal service, the airlines are
> accepting live chicks for delivery.  I am not sure of the rationale behind
> this, as they are accepting live crickets, frogs, and honey bees.  Several
> our local producers have checked into this, and were unable to have chicks
> shipped via air.  Our local pastured poultry group is extremely concerned,
> and has begun contacting our state and US officials. If this policy
> in effect until next spring, it has the potential to put many small
> out of business.  Please contact your officials and question the right of
> federally funded FAA to allow this to happen.
> Thanks for your help.
> Linda
> Homestead Farms

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