Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

jay gee jgj23 at
Thu Sep 20 10:40:57 EDT 2001

Hi Folks,

Out of the box thinking is useful when dealing with rational minds
or inanimate objects.  It is less useful when dealing with people
whose ideas are fixated on a single point of view, whether that
point of view is labor unions, "enriched teaching environments,"
trickle down economics, agricultural subsidies, or destruction of
"the Great Satan."

I don't think I need to remind you that many thousands of people
were killed last week, not accidentally, and the economic fallout
resulting from the events is substantial and will continue over the
coming months.

The idea of rewarding behavior that produces the kind of slaughter
seen in NYC and DC last week is disturbing to me, and hopefully
to many of you.  It is like giving bank robbers money for robbing banks,
like rewarding murderers for committing murder, or welfare to the families
of incarcerated criminals.  Why provide incentives to commit crimes?

Any student of psychology can tell you that rewarding behavior only
produces more of it.

The problems experienced in parts of the world where religious
fundamentalism has overtaken rational thought result from ignorance
and overpopulation.  Feeding people before educating them only
exacerbates and prolongs the problems of overpopulation because
well fed people are more fertile.

The appropriate response to what happened last week is so terrible
as not be be described.  Only by producing devastation so great
that no political leader would abide harboring terrorists because the
people of that country have too much to lose, can we expect to stop
large scale terrorism.

It may be glorious to die in a jihad.

There is nothing glorious about being incinerated where you stand or
hide and having no control over your defense or destruction, as a rat
dies in a house fire.  As many died in the Pentagon and WTC.

So it should be with the terrorists and their countrymen for the acts of 9/11/01.

My $ 0.02.

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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