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I thought the list may be interested in this. I have not heard about this in 
all the coverage. 

Dear Friends,
> On Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2001, as the first plane hit the World Trade
> in New York City, approximately 25 market farmers had their produce
> set up at the WTC Greenmarket at Church and Liberty Streets. These market
> farmers come in from Long Island and upstate NY, NJ, PA and MA. The WTC
> Greenmarket had opened as usual at 8 am. EST.
> It has been reported that the WTC Greenmarket master, Tony Mannetta and
> of the participating farmers & their helpers made it out alive - but most
> them lost all of their vehicles, displays, produce, cash and personal
> belongings.
> Insurance coverage for these losses is limited at best. Your help is
> desperately needed, so here is what you can do to to assist the farmers
> escaped but are suffering due to Tuesday's tragedy -
> Please write a check or money order payable to
> "Fund for the WTC Greenmarket Farmers" and send it to:
> The Farmers' Market Federation of New York
> 2100 Park St., Syracuse, NY 13208
> The website for The Farmers' Market Federation of New York is
> http://www.nyfarmersmarket.com - contribution information and possibly
> other means to help these farmers will be posted there within the week.
> This market and other NYC farmers' markets are listed at
> http://www.localharvest.org. The various downtown NYC farmers' markets
> been cancelled for the time being. The World Trade Center Greenmarket is
> listed at http://www.localharvest.org/listing.jsp?id=2919&hit=1
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> On Sept. 26th, NPR affiliate WSUI FM will host "Iowa Talks" featuring
> monthly Organic Growing Call-In program at 10 am. CT, 9 am. EST.
> This show will begin with news of the WTC market farmers, aid efforts, and
> possibly a guest farmer calling in from the NY area. WSUI is available on
> the internet.
> Listen Live at: file:///Macintosh HD/Desktop Folder/wsuilive.
> To call in, dial: (319) 466-9100 in Iowa City/Coralville
> (866) 780-9100 Toll-free in Iowa and Illinois
> WSUI Program schedule - http://wsui.uiowa.edu/progr.html
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> Thank you all for your help. Following is a letter I received from Diane
> Eggert, Executive Director of the Farmers' Market Federation of NY. Feel
> free to e-mail me for a copy of the flyer attachment if you would like to
> make copies & hand it out to your CSA customers, at your farmers' market
> place of work.
> Best,
> Ericka Dana, Organic Consumers Association Regional Coordinator
> Catnip Farm, Iowa <doodles at netins.net>
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> > From: "Diane Eggert" <diane99 at dreamscape.com>
> > Subject: World Trade Center Greenmarket
> >
> > Ericka,
> > Thank you for contacting me yesterday. I have established an account for
> > donations to benefit the farmers affected by the attack on the World
> > Center.
> >
> > As I understand this, the farmers all escaped the area uninjured. But of
> > course, they had to leave everything behind. The World Trade Center
> > was a two day market that is now gone for these farmers. Another market
> > two is in danger of being closed because the market's presence at these
> > locations could be determined to be a security risk. Several other
> > greenmarkets located in Manhattan have been affected by the closure of a
> > large portion of Manhattan and we don't know yet when these markets may
> > opened again. In addition,  there is concern that some of the public
> > where the greenmarkets are located may be taken over to be used for
> > needs related to the search and rescue and investigation. Many things
> > uncertain at this point until the dust settles and people come out of
> >
> > I'm attaching a flyer that will be passed out at the Central New York
> > Regional Market in Syracuse, NY. This will begin our fund drive.
> >
> > Again, thank you for contacting me yesterday and I sincerely appreciate
> > you and other farmers can do to help out.
> >
> > Diane Eggert
> > Executive Director
> > Farmers' Market Federation of NY
> > <diane99 at dreamscape.com>
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