Pea trellis

Chris Sawyer css at
Fri Oct 19 07:12:48 EDT 2001

Around here they use, (we do too, for lack of a better way) barbed wire.
One wire on the ground, the other in  the air. The barbs make little
hooks for lacing the baling twine on the vertical axis. At the end of
the season we just cut all the string and roll up the wire, the large
posts stay. We use additional supports to prop up sagging wire for
heavier crops as the large posts are about 60 feet apart to allow the
tractor and mowers to work.


Jennie Lee wrote:

> Dear everyone - thanks for all the advice on the peas - I'm excited
> to fiddle around with your designs and see what I can come up with.
> One further question for you, Lucy - is the fence wire a hassle to
> roll up and store after the season? I do most of my work by myself
> and having gotten in some snaggles with fence wire before, I was
> reluctant to start unrolling tens upon tens of feet of it. Do you use
> a certain gauge of wire or just whatever's on hand ? Thanks again -
> Jennie
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