Cedar Apple Rust

Alliums garlicgrower at snip.net
Wed Dec 5 10:28:41 EST 2001

Lucy wrote:

>are there cedar trees within a 1/2 mile of your quinces? If so that is
>your cause of the rust. AFAIK, getting rid of the cedar trees is the
>only organic way to really deal with the problem as the trees keep
>reinfecting each other.

The joys of living in town -- I'm *sure* there are cedar trees *somewhere*
around, but combing through everyone's yard looking for them could be a bit
of a bear.  It stumps me why the quince tree got it, but the apples so far
are fine.

So, how does one get rid of it once one has it?  If this is going to be a
chronic problem, guess I better figure out what all I need to be doing about
it. . .

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