Saving seeds from Sugar Babies

Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at
Wed Aug 1 18:44:37 EDT 2001

Hi Amy, here's the method of a fellow gardener that saves his own seeds:
For cukes, tom's, melon's, etc.  he allows them to age on the plant (gets 
more fertile seeds per unit he claims) then opens them and squishes the seed 
into the bottom of a bucket, squishes it around a bit more to allow the seed 
to seperate from  the pulp and pours in water.  Removes the pulp - which 
floats to the top, and any seeds that float up - these seeds will not 
produce.  He then pours it over a drying screen and lets them dry and 
packages them into large envelopes.  Good luck, Jacqueline  (ps:  if it 
doesn't work why don't you try transplanting from your compost heap :~)  )

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