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Just to add to Lawrence's note about the soil food web is great....I went to Dr. Ingham's workshop in Georgia this year and came out a compost tea convert...

If anyone is interested, there is a NEW company that offers a compost tea maker which is ALOT cheaper than the one in Territorial Seed Catalog (that one is great but costs over $2,000)...check out - I talked with owner and theirs is $300, based on Dr. ingham's principles, and suitable for 7 acre market garden (and smaller).  You cannot achieve same results evidently, by immersing an aquarium pump in your mixture, as it does not provide enough oxygen (folks at the Ingham workshop had already tried that)....

the soil food web site is an excellent way to understand WHY sustainable/organic/eco agriculture is SO different from the conventional/extension university approach (I am so tired of hearing "nitrogen is nitrogen and your plant doesn't care whether it is from 13-13-13 or manure or compost" - this soil food web stuff is powerful evidence that it DOES matter)

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