Speedling Trays vs. TLC Plug Flats

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Mon Oct 30 13:42:36 EST 2000

I use the 50 128 and 200 TLC trays and lettuce can be just as hard to remove, I found
the  plants with the biggest root system pulled easy no matter what cell size I use,
lettuce has a very fine root and needs more time to grow into each larger size cell it
can take two additional weeks to fill a 50 cell compaired to a 128 cell, for the
earliest planting use the smallest cell, unfortunatly waiting for a bigger root system
can over harden the seedling too much and ruin a crop, the best way to improve removal
is to soak each tray moments before transplanting the dripping wet root ball pops out
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

Mike Steinberg wrote:

> Our farm grows lots of lettuce transplants and we used Speedling
> trays(200) this year. The trays are OK but it is difficult to get the
> transplants out of the speedlings. We are thinking of using TLC 128 or 200
> Plug Flats next season. If you have experience using these flats, or other
> suggestions for flats, it would be appreciated. Also, what is a good
> reasonable source for TLC plug flats.
> Mike
> Flying Frog Farm
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