Winter Lettuce

Laura G. Weishaupt lgw at
Sun Oct 15 08:52:45 EDT 2000

We started digging our raised beds early last spring, about third week 
of  March. The neighbors probably thought we were nuts. (on any given day 
they're not far from wrong)

We made mini hoop houses for 2 beds. The beds are about 3ft  wide and 15-18 
ft long. I cut pieces of 3/4 in PVC about 18" long and angled one end to 
make stakes. Those are placed about 30 inches apart  on both sides of the 
bed. The I cut lengths of CPVC  about 5-6ft long and slipped them into the 
"stakes" to make hoops. Then the hoops were covered with regular plastic 
sheet. The edges of the plastic were held down with rocks. We have a lot of 
rocks. We planted those beds in the beginning of April in eastern PA. and 
kept digging.

To regulate temperature we opened both ends and rolled the plastic up onto 
the end hoops. We clipped the plastic onto the hoop with flexible tubing. 
We used tubing for a sump pump and cut it into about 6 inch lengths, then 
slit it so it would fit over the plastic and CPVC.

This was all very low tech, low cost, and we didn't know how well it would 
work, or if it would work at all. Well, it worked great. It held up to 
wind, snow, rain, rabbits, ect. The height of the hoops was easily 
adjustable, if one needs to do that. We were harvesting carrots at the 
beginning of June. All the materials are readily available at any hardware 
store. This may work for some of you. We don't know how long into the 
coming months we'll be able to extend our growing. We're about to find out.


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