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Del Williams delannw at
Fri Nov 17 12:21:02 EST 2000

There is a midwest conference that is held partially over the weekend.  This
year it was held over the Nov 4 weekend in Columbia, MO.  I thought I posted
it here.  In any case, it would be quite a hike for many of the people on
this list.

There is probably an working assumption that most farmers are only that and
can attend meetings during the week.  I think it is an outmoded assumption.
Most farmers I know have other jobs during and after the season.

But, gee, the public school system still functions as though every kid has a
stay at home mother.  Talk about outmoded.

More than anything, I think it is a matter of getting connected into the
groups that hold these events and letting them know about your preference
for attending weekend conferences.

I can't say that our extension service really looks to serve a broad range
of growing interests.  The master gardening training program was generally
anti-organic to the point of some of the educators making every attempt to
outright humiliate anyone who expressed an interest in learning organic
methods.  I ended up going to the USDA in another county to get information
on organic certification.  Couldn't get an answer through the extension

So, in general, I wouldn't look to the conventional groups to help with that
sort of information.  They seek to serve a different client.

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL

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