UPDATE! Future of Our Food and Farms Summit

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I reported on Dennis Bishop, the Virginia Extension agent who lost his job,
in the December issue of Growing for Market. The day after I went to press
he called to say the ACLU had accepted his case and would represent him in
court. Would you like me to forward your email below to him?
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> What happened with that extension agent?  Is there anything that people on
> this list can do to make sure that he is reinstated, should he wish to work
> in that area again?  I think that some real grassroots power could be shown
> here if the area received a flood of calls, emails, and attention demanding
> that this person's First Amendment rights were observed (which is darn well
> what it comes down to!)  Or was there something and I (sheepishly ask)
> missed it?
> Victoria
>> They certainly would. Remember the recent post here about the
>> extension agent in Virginia who lost his job for following up a letter
>> to the editor condeming organic foods written by Avery with one very
>> much in support of organic farming and organic farmers.
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