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From: Hugh Lovel <uai at>
Subject: Nader, Fast in the Stretch

> Here's to Nader taking 20% nationally and putting the Georgia Green Party
>a political >party, not a political body under state law.  Or 35% and
>winning the popular vote.  -- HE

Hugh Lovel writes:

Nader--Crusader or Spoiler?

After shoveling through so much horse pucky my muscles bulge maybe I should
throw down my two coppers. Damned right you don't want to waste your vote!
But what a slick mind boggler to twist this into saying you gotta vote for
either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. Wheeeeeeee!

I spent a couple days this past summer with Greens in New Zealand where
they're part of the ruling coalition. It's an island nation of only 4
million, but it goes to show that voting Green is something meaningful.

Really, I've looked and can't find any other international political
movement that jousts with the big money that's long bought up both sides,
three sides and all sides of political contests in country after country
around the world.

Sure, my analysis is melodramatic, but a little melodrama might sober us
for a change. America's going to Hell in a handbasket. Gore ushers us along
apologetically in a tuxedo, while Bush will rawhide us there with spurs on.
Same agenda, different styles, but in the end what's the difference? It's
not the long fall that hurts, it's the final reckoning.

World War Three will establish a world political hegemony, but it'll be one
dominated by economic interests. Since this will but continue the economic
arrangements that have led to past world wars, guess what? World War Four
will be fought between the multi-nationals and folks who want a life not
annihilated by commerce. For now our governments are the best money can
buy, but hadn't we better invent a society not run by the highest bidders?

Nader is one hell of a start in the right direction. Imagine a government
that is not for sale! Damned right you don't want to waste your vote! This
will be the first ballot you ever cast in a national election that was NOT

wasted. It's an opportunity too good to pass up. You owe it to yourself to
get THIS message out to everyone you know. We sure as hell don't want to
waste this opportunity to REALLY vote.

In the utmost sincerity,

Hugh Lovel
Blairsville, Georgia

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