Do you have a farm web site?

Lynn Byczynski growing4market at
Sat Jun 24 08:08:17 EDT 2000

Growing for Market is adding a new page to its web site to provide links to
farm web sites. It's called Farm Tours. This is not intended as a
money-making thing, simply as a service to help small farmers see one
another's web sites. If your farm has one, please let me know directly to my
email address: growing4market at  If we get a huge response, we
may feature a certain number each month; if there aren't too many, we may
list them all.
Keep your eye on our web site; we're trying to make it more useful to small
farmers, with links to resources, our book list, and supplemental info to
what's in the newsletter.
Lynn Byczynski <growing4market at>
Growing for Market


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