soy to my world

Hugh Lovel uai at
Mon Jun 5 11:36:48 EDT 2000

>> I'm growing these biodynamically (i.e. by the biodynamic method, helps with
>> the weather an' all) for market and chefs in Atlanta. The beans are ready
>> from top to bottom of the plant all at once,
>A couple of questions:
>1.  How soon after planting can you harvest?
>2.  What kind of yield per plant?
>3.  How early and how late can you seed these in Atlanta?
>Adriana Gutierrez
>Sarasota, FL
>(Soon to be an Alabamian)
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Dear Adriana,

There ARE different varieties--quite a lot. I think mine are about 90 days
from planting to harvest, and since we have our frost about mid October up
in Blairsville, or mid to late November in Atlanta you can count backwards
from there. Soybeans--unlike corn--do well in the late season.

I plant thick and get a couple pounds per plant.


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