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Thought this was interesting.  Any chance of getting some of them into
community gardens?

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>Expanded Senior Farmers Market Nutriton Program in Pennsylvania
>Pennsylvania is launching a major expansion of its Farmers' Market Nutrition
>Program to benefit low-income seniors. This winter, RISA and the Farmers'
>Market Trust created a statewide coalition of senior and food advocacy
>groups, to meet with state legislators and the Secretary of the Pennsylvania
>Department of Agriculture. Due to the coalition's success, $500,000 in
>coupons usable for fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets will be
>given to 25,000 seniors in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
>The outcome is important for a number of reasons. First, because it built a
>powerful coalition, uniting small farmers, food and hunger advocates and
>senior groups to support farming and farmers' markets. Second, because it
>subsidizes farmers' markets in lower income communities, where the need is
>great but it is difficult to find farmers willing to go. Finally, we believe
>it lays the groundwork for the creation of a national seniors Farmers Market
>Nutrition Program. We are grateful to The William Penn Foundation for
>funding the study that led to this policy recoomendation.
>Duane Perry
>Farmers' Market Trust
>1201 Chestnut Street
>4th Floor
>Philadelphia, PA 19107
>215 568-0830 11
>215 568-0882 FAX
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