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>Don't use CCA posts within 25 feet of crops if you are organic (check

Handle CCA _very_ carefully - with adequate protection for hands and
if sawing use a mask, hat and goggles - bad stuff but lasts forever
and isn't expensive - use a fence post driver if available (3 point
hitch device - drive them in small end (sharpened if necessary) first.

A better choice would be cedar, locust or walnut - they will rot
eventually but can be easily replaced. Amazing how much usable 
construction grade cedar is being bulldozed, burned or landfilled
these days in the wake of commercial/industrial/residential

>the proposed National Standards regarding treated fence posts). I'd
>recommend an electric fence from Premier (email
>info at  319-653-6304 for a catalog. It's far less
>expensive than a wire fence, it's easy to put up and take down, move,
>etc., and you can use all steel fenceposts. I've been using them for 5
>years for deer and dairy cattle. If you don't want to get into
>heavy-duty fencebuilding, use an electric fence. It's the only way.

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