An Informed Discussion of GMOs:

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I wish we could ignore him, but we can't.  In a discussion on the poultry
health list one of the poultry vets actually cited avery to justify their
hen enslavement practices after I posted my chicken egg study with data
showing how battery eggs were actually negative nutrition!  At that point I
backed out of the debate.  To me, anyone who cites that man isn't worth
talking to.  Had I had that article I would have had some  legitimate
ammunition to show how much of a jerk he is. They couldn't attack my data so
they tried to attack my ideology.

Donna Fezler

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>Hmm, I thought I had done a fairly through job of showing what a blowhard
>is.  The event happened, I was asked to write an article about it and as he
>is presented in such a positive light in the traditional media, I thought
>was important to expose him for the "act" that the audience felt he was.

Avery and his followers depend entirely on publicity, good and bad,
without which they are nothing. They get paid to get media coverage
for their propaganda. Deny him that and he is nothing. Why people
write articles about him and invite him to meetings and conferences is
beyond me. The worst thing that could happen to him if to be ignored.
He feeds on ignorance and controversy. His divisive tactics cause
people to waste time in controversy, better spent becoming better
organic farmers.
I liken him to Milosevic and Karajic, even Hitler and Pol Pot. Deny
him publicity and he will wither away into insignificance.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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