Del Williams delannw at
Tue Dec 5 07:51:09 EST 2000

Yeah, I agree about the Illinois winters.  I used to live in Western NY and,
frankly, I'd trade winters anytime.  Zone 5 Illinois just isn't zone 5
Western NY.

My friend at the Cornell extension has been pretty doubtful about our
ability to do wine grapes here in Illinois.  However, there was a recent
post on market farming recommending marachel foch and suggesting two sources
in western NY, one in Fredonia and one in North Collins (Concord-Foster
nursery I believe).  I know both.  Used to live in Fredonia and next door to
C-F..  Both good sources.  I know others as well.

When I read the recommendations on market farming for foch and sources I
thought I would ask my friend again.  None of these grapes should do very
well in east central Illinois or similar areas in Iowa.   I forget who the
source of the original recommendations was?

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL

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